Join our GoGirls Twitter chat [hashtag #ggchat] every Thursday at 3pm ET & 9pm ET.

Everyone in the music community is invited to participate. We talk about a variety of topics that lasts for about an hour. Towards the end of the chat we encourage everyone to share one #ShamelessPlug to promote themselves. Come see what it’s all about!

How To Access The Chat

To access the chat at the designated time, log into Twitter and in the search box type in #ggchat. Be sure to click “all” so you see all the of the results, not just the top ones. Other ways to join are Hootsuite, Twubs or TweetChat. See examples below.

How To Access at

GoGirls Twitter Chat

** Hint: When tweeting, be sure to put #ggchat into your tweet, otherwise we won’t see your post. The chat revolves around this hashtag. **

How To Access in HootSuite:

GoGirls Twitter Chat

How To Access in TweetChat:

GoGirls Twitter Chat

How To Access in Twubs:

GoGirls Twitter Chat

Join us every Thursday at 3pm & 9pm ET using hashtag #ggchat



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